Top River Rafting Destinations in India


Let's face it; Kullu Manali is recognized as a desirable and charming honeymoon destination. Honestly, the place is fed up with these tags. Here's something else about it. Kullu-Manali is where you can have a new romantic relationship, for example. B. Hold the oars and cross the rapids. An exciting rafting adventure can also be enjoyed in Kullu Manali. Sailing the waters of the Beas River is an adventure in itself.

Ganges river, Rishikesh

As always, Rishikesh cannot miss. Rishikesh is a rafting paradise in India. The sacred river the Ganges cascades down winding paths from the mighty Himalayas and is considered a challenge for white water rafting. Aquatic masculinity increases as the Rapid level increases; However, level 3 should not be crossed, as the river becomes turbulent after the 3rd rapid. You can choose a route from different routes.

Rafting in Darjeeling

For the faint of heart, avoiding rafting on the Teesta and Rangeet rivers is better. Light walkers can enjoy a relaxing river cruise along the quieter side of the shore. Full day rafting expedition route: Dikchu to Tista Bridge, Dikchu and Kali Johra, Bordang and Melli.