Best Paragliding Destinations in India


Manali is a place that hardly leaves any category behind. Another enticing and prestigious destination in India, Manali is not just a honeymoon destination. The tranquil valleys of Manali are also suitable for paragliding. Flying with the birds and getting the best view of the white peaks, paragliding in Manali can be enjoyed all year round. Bring rain and rabble to this place for chilly heights of fun.


Ranikhet is nothing but a harbor. Surrounded by the dazzling backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, it is located close to Rishikesh. If Rishikesh is known for river rafting, then Ranikhet is famous as a place for paragliding. The rugged and elevated terrain of Ranikhet is the right place to jump and fly over the tranquil villages of Ranikhet. Young people from the surrounding area come to Ranikhet on weekends to enjoy paragliding

Bir Billing

Bir is one of the most beautiful & attracting places in Himachal Pradesh.Bir billing Isn't it a fantastic idea to paraglide among the snow-capped peaks? Bir is one of the most beautiful & attracting places in Himachal Pradesh. With a picturesque backdrop of Himalayan peaks, Bir Billing is the perfect place to enjoy the exciting sport of paragliding. It is the home of paragliding in India, with 11 points allowing flying like a bird. Don't miss this opportunity next time you visit Himachal Pradesh. Top Hot Air Balloon Destinations in India