Best Destinations for Hot Air Balloon Rides in India

Adventure land

What better way to appreciate the rustic and majestic charm of Rajasthan than from a hot air balloon! Rajasthan is the ideal hot air ballooning destination in India due to its vibrancy and unparalleled beauty.

Sky-Waltz, Roof n Ride

Now you can see a beautiful panorama of our capital even from a balloon taking off! In Delhi, the trip is organized from the lakes of Dam-Dam, Sokhna, Neemrana, and depending on the weather, morning flights can start at 6:00 or 16:00 and 19:00. It usually takes place between September and March.

Adventure land

Lonavala in Maharashtra is the ideal gateway for the people of Mumbaikar and the people around it. Here you can fly in a hot air balloon from Kamshet near Lonavala, which is about 100 km from Mumbai.